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White oak is a North American species of tree most often found in the forest growing alongside pine, poplar and maple, but is also frequently found growing on the shores of lakes, ponds and other bodies of water. Its leaves and twigs are the preferred nesting material for many small animals and birds, while its wood is coveted by mission-style furniture makers. White oak bark is valued for its astringent qualities and as a source of vitamin B-12 and iron. As such, it is traditionally decocted or tinctured or used to make teas and tonics.

White Oak Bark c/s, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • White oak is a medium-sized tree native to eastern North America and Canada. The bark of the tree has a rough texture that is characteristic of other oaks and a mottled appearance of light grey to greyish-white colored areas.

    While the hardwood is prized for furniture making, the bark is regarded as food and a good source of iron and B-12. Use white oak bark to make decoctions for teas, infusions and tonics, as well as skin care preparations.

Marble Surface


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