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This semi-aquatic member of the parsley family is native to South Africa, Japan, China, Sri Lanka and the South Pacific. In addition to its large, fan-like leaves, the plant is unique in that it has virtually no detectable fragrance of flavor. Despite this, the leaf is used fresh or dried in Asian cuisine, often in combination with other herbs and spices to enhance flavor. In China and India, where gotu kola is called the “fountain of life” and Indian Pennywort, respectively, the herb has a long history of use that dates back thousands of years.

Gotu Kola Powder, Wild Crafted, 1 lb

  • Gotu kola powder is the dried and ground leaf of an aquatic plant indigenous to swampy, tropical areas of Indonesia. In Sri Lanka, the leaf is cooked as a vegetable as an accompaniment to curry, rice and dahl, usually in combination with chili powder, turmeric, grated coconut and lime.

    Powdered gotu kola can be sprinkled directly into foods, encapsulated or incorporated into skin care preparations.

Marble Surface


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