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The red root plant refers to the ruddy-colored roots of an evergreen North American shrub in the buckthorn family. The herb is harvested in late autumn when the plant transfers the majority of its tannins, alkaloids, and resin compounds to the roots for winter storage. Red root is typically decocted or tinctured for internal use or used to make strong infusions for use in skin and mouthwashes. Where to buy red root? Red root for sale can be hard to come across in most local grocery stores, so online purchase tends to be easier. We sell red root herb in ¼ pound and full pound quantities.

Red Root, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Red root is a member of the buckthorn family also known by a variety of common names, such as Mountain Lilac, Redshank, Desert Buckthorn and New Jersey Tea.

    The pinkish-red roots, which possess a spicy almost mint-like aroma, are harvested in spring and usually cut before completely dried. Red root is rarely prepared in any form other than a decoction or tincture.

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