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Though part of the blueberry family, bilberries yield a different taste and are more difficult to grow since they only thrive in mountain ranges. They hail to the temperate and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere, and are well known in the mountainous parts of Europe, Asia and North America. While the berries harvested from the plant are used to make a variety of fruit pastries and tasty jams, the leaves are harvested to create a refreshing herbal tea.


Herbal Excellence

With a soothing herbal taste and a relaxing quality, bilberry leaf tea is easy to enjoy, well complemented by a bit of lemon or honey. Yet this herbal tea has even more to offer, as bilberry leaf tea is a natural source of several important nutrients. Drinking bilberry leaf tea can provide an array of vitamins, including vitamin A, C, and multiple B vitamins. Calcium, potassium, sulfur and zinc can also be found in bilberry leaf tea. Alongside these vitamins and minerals, bilberry leaf contains a number of constituents, including beta carotene, pectin, quercetin, tannins and flavonoids, and many of these constituents offer antioxidant properties. With all of this and more, bilberry leaf tea is an obvious choice for those seeking a new and interesting herbal tea.

Organic Bilberry Tea

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