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Onion is a vegetable and herb that resides in the same botanical family with chives and garlic. The sharp bite and lingering aftertaste of raw onion is due to the oxygenation of the same enzymes that cause watering eyes when cutting into the fresh bulb. Dried onion, whether granulated or powdered, has a milder taste, is much easier on tear ducts and has the added benefit of possessing a long shelf life. Dried and chopped or granulated onion is added directly to foods while cooking and to savory breads and rolls prior to baking. Powdered onion is used as seasoning to enhance the flavor of foods, especially dips and creamy salads.

Onion Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Like parsley, onion is considered both an herb and vegetable and may be one of the most widely used seasonings in the world.

    Onion powder, which is made from dehydrated and ground raw onion, is a convenient way to enjoy the sweet and savory flavor of onion in cooking without the need to slice and dice a fresh onion.

Marble Surface


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