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Mullein, also known as Velvet Dock, is an annual wayside herb that seems to spring up where nothing else can take hold, even gaining a foothold between rocks and patches of concrete. Reaching a height of up to 8 feet, mullein is easily recognizable in the wild by the simple fact that it towers over most of its botanical neighbors. The plant also produces large, fuzzy leaves that resemble dried tobacco by the end of the growing season, and spikes of yellow flowers in mid-summer. Because mullein is very high in mucilage, the herb is traditionally used to make throat lozenges and syrups. It is also added to teas, used to produce skin care formulas or is tinctured.

Mullein Leaf powder, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Mullein is a wayside pasture plant easily recognized by its large, gray-green, hairy leaves and tall flower spikes, rising from the ground almost like a stalk of corn.

    Mullein originates from Eurasia and North Africa. It is widely known as Great Mullein or Velvet Plant due to the plants soft texture. Although mild, mullein offers an enjoyable, sweet yet somewhat bitter taste. Mullein powder is best taken in capsules or as a tea.

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