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Hydrangea is a water-loving shrub known for its lush greenery and large, dramatic blooms, some of which change color as the season progresses. The plant is original to Asia but is now widely grown as a landscaping specimen in temperate climates elsewhere. Because the outer layer of its stems tend to peel, revealing different shades of pith beneath, hydrangea has earned the nickname of Seven Barks. A tea is made from the root of the plant, which contains a crystalline substance in the coumarin family called hydrangine, also known as umbelliferone.

Hydrangea Root c/s, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Hydrangea is a shrub that is native to the Americas and certain parts of Asia.

    The plant is commonly grown as an ornamental specimen because of its large, round flower heads—that is, if you don't mind the legend that foretells a life of spinsterhood for your daughters should you permit the plant to grow near your home.

    The root of the plant, sometimes referred to as Seven Bark Herb, is traditionally used to prepare a strong tea, often in combination with apple cider.

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