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Green tea is obtained from the same plant cultivated on the tea plantations of Asia where black tea is produced. The difference between the two is the low rate of oxidation permitted while processing the leaves of the former. Green tea not only makes a satisfying brewed beverage, but the dried leaf is also used to produce infusions and extracts for us in skin toners, liquid soaps, shampoos and other cosmetics. The powdered leaf is used in facial masks and body powders, sometimes in combination with other powdered herbs.

Green Tea Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Green tea powder has a myriad of uses! Aside from making a great addition to hot beverages and brews, green tea powder can be added to smoothies, yogurt, baked goods—even homemade ice cream.

    Blended with yogurt and honey, green tea powder makes an excellent facial mask for troubled or sensitive skin.

Marble Surface


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