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This Chinese botanical is harvested for its roots, which are cured in a black bean liquid. A perennial flowering vine, Fo-ti is cultivated and harvested for its concentration of anthraquinones and other active compounds. In China, the herb is commonly called he-shou-wu, a reference to the man of the same name who lived during the Tang dynasty period who reputedly lived a long life thanks to a tonic prepared from Fo-ti.

Fo-ti / Ho-shou-wu Pieces, 1/4 lb

  • In China, Fo Ti is called ho-shou-wu, a phrase that translates to "Mr. He's Black Hair" and references the legendary herbalist Li Ching Yuen who reputedly lived to be more than 130 years old due to drinking Fo Ti tea.

    Use the Fo Ti pieces to prepare your own "longevity" tea.

    Please note: Our Fo Ti has been processed. The root slices have been cured by simmering in a black bean liquid.

Marble Surface


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