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Devil’s claw, also known as grapple plant, is a perennial scrub plant in the sesame family that is native to the Kalahari Desert region of southwest Africa. The herb is appropriately named since it bears fruit that emerge as dual claws or horns. In fact, its botanical genus name (Harpagophytum) translates to “hook plant” in Greek. Devil’s claw is harvested for its root and secondary tubers, which contain an iridoid glycoside called harpagoside.

Devil's Claw Powder, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Devil's claw, also known as elephant tusks, wood spider, grapple and the unicorn plant, gets its name from the odd-shaped fruit of the plant, which resembles two beastly horns or claws.

    The powdered root can be sprinkled into food or beverages, encapsulated, or added to topical skin care formulas.

Marble Surface


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