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• Chlorophyll From Alfalfa

• Nature's Own Flavor

• Dietary Supplement

World organic's liquid chlorophyll is derived exclusively from high quality alfalfa leaves. Chlorophyll is essential to the process of photosynthesis, often called the "building block of life." chlorophyll is a natural fat soluble nutrient which world organic makes water dispersible for premier results. It assist in tissue repair, purifies the blood, help the liver build red blood cells, natural internal deodorizer and tissue healer.This new formula introduced by World Organic is a 15:1 Liquid Concentrate with 100 mg of chlorophyll in 1ml liquid. What is unique is in this World Organic formula is the Isotonic Solution for enhanced absorption, as well as the organic alfalfa. This new product comes with dropper to avoid pouring problems.

World Organics Chlorophyll Liquid 100mg 2 oz

  • Take one dropper full (1 ml) to 5 droppers full (5 mp or 1 tsp) daily in a glass of water or juice, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Shake well before use.

  • Chlorophyll contains a natural green pigment that could stain. Handle with care. Keep out of reach of children.

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