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Alfalfa Leaf has an interesting scientific name: Medicago sativa … and no, sativa has nothing at all to do with cannabis. The Latin word sativa simply translates to “cultivated,” and it’s used to denote various domestically grown crops that start as seeds. Medicago derived from its root Latin word, medica, which the ancient Roman naturalist, Pliny (AD 23-79), named after the Medes people of ancient Iran, where the plant hailed from. Aren’t these cool fun facts?


What Exactly is Alfalfa Leaf?

Alfalfa leaf was introduced to the Americas (eastern) by Spanish colonizers in the 16th century, specifically to feed horses, as they believed the nutritional value far outweighed simple grass. The western United States, however, didn’t see alfalfa seeds until the 1850’s when they were imported to California from Chile. Though here in the U.S. we say alfalfa when ordering its sprouted form for sandwiches and such, in Britain, France, Germany, Australia, and other countries, they’ve used the word lucerne. (Don’t you just love etymology?) These days, with North and South America supplying the world with most of its alfalfa, the word alfalfa is being introduced into other languages.

A drought hardy, perennial legume, alfalfa is now grown throughout the world, mainly to feed cattle. However, humans like to consume alfalfa as well, and not just as sprouts. Those seeking to benefit from alfalfa ingest it in pill form as well infusing it for tea.


What does Alfalfa Leaf Tea Taste Like?

Subtle loveliness … mild, unoffensive, and an uplifting shade of greenish-gold, Buddha Teas Alfalfa Leaf Tea provides a soothing, benign flavor that encourages the recipient to enjoy multiple cups a day. If you prefer your tea a bit more flavorful, experiment with combining. Ginger is always a good partner, and we also like chamomile and fennel.


How to Brew Alfalfa Leaf Tea

Buddha Teas Alfalfa Leaf Tea needs a good boil, and nice long steep to extract its full flavor and optimum benefits. We like to cover our cups while steeping as well.

Possible Precautions


There does seem to exist some health contraindications for consuming alfalfa, including some hormone related and autoimmune conditions. We suggest that before regularly including Buddha Teas Alfalfa Leaf Tea as part of your health regime that you do some research, and perhaps check with your doctor.

Organic Alfalfa Tea

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