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Wild cherry, also known as black cherry, sweet cherry and Virginian prune, is a species of flowering tree that is naturally distributed throughout eastern North America. Because the tree produces lovely pink clusters of flowers in spring and an edible stone fruit in summer, it is also popular in cultivation for food and landscaping. The bark is also harvested for use in smoking meats and fish. Wild cherry bark is also a traditional ingredient in herbal liquors, syrups, throat lozenges and teas.

Wild Cherry Bark Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Wild cherry bark comes from a species of Prunus found throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada that is also called Virginian Prune and Wild Black Cherry.

    While the fruit has long been used a flavoring agent for confections, liquors and soft drinks, wild cherry bark has traditionally been used to smoke meat and fish and also to make teas and syrups. Note that while powdered wild cherry bark is also used in tea blends and syrups, it is rarely encapsulated like other powdered herbs.

Marble Surface


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