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Sumac is a small deciduous shrub or tree in the cashew family that is original to Europe and Asia. Not to be confused with its more toxic cousin, poison sumac (Toxicodendron vernix), the fruits of Rhus coriaria are safe to eat and provide a tart, tangy flavor to foods when dried and ground as a spice. Sumac berry powder has been used for centuries as a food and beverage flavoring but is best known today as an ingredient in the Mediterranean seasoning za’atar. Sumac berry powder can also be used in tea blends, infused in oil for topical use, encapsulated or tinctured, or used to tint cosmetics and textiles.

Sumac Berry powder, 1/4 lb


    Sumac is a deciduous bush or small tree that reaches up to 6-15 feet in height. The plant features long leaves with pinnate veins and multiple pairs of smaller, oval-shaped leaflets. Dark red drupes form at branch tips in clusters called "sumac bobs."

    The mature fruits are typically harvested in late summer or early fall and dried and ground into powder.

Marble Surface


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