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The dog rose is a climbing variety of wild rose found throughout Eurasia and western Africa. Like its botanical cousins, the plant bursts into bloom in summer. In contrast, however, the delicate white, pink or red blossoms are void of any detectable scent. Regardless, the flowers are edible and used fresh in salads and soups or as garnishment for cakes and other baked goods. Dried rose petals are added to herbal tea blends and are used to make infusions for use in salves, ointments and lotions. See also rose (hips).

Rose Buds Red, 1/4 lb

  • In the Language of Flowers, the red rose symbolizes beauty, purity and, of course, love and romance. To the tea sommelier, soap maker and perfumer, the rose is a flavorful and potent antioxidant ingredient in a wide variety of culinary and cosmetic creations.

    Whole red rose buds also lend texture and color interest to teas and natural products for hair and skin. A sampling of possibilities: tea blends, soaps, potpourri, sachets and dream pillows, infused oils, perfumes, and the perfect touch to a frosted cake.

Marble Surface


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