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**Max Cleanser - Giving you 13 grams of Cleansing Power**


Delicious! Better tasting than ANY pre-mixed liquid with 5X the power!

Make the Right Choice & Pick Puriclean Instant Max Cleanser! The strongest & fastest cleanser available on the Market. 100% Potency Every time to ensure your body gets full Max cleansing power in every box.


Once a product is mixed with a liquid the active ingredients begin to degrade & every day they get a little less potent. Capsules and tablets have to be broken down by your digestive system before your body can begin to absorb the ingredients which takes time and can reduce the Effectiveness.


  • 100% Potency Every time- Does not activate until hits the water
  • Yummy Fruit punch- juice flavor for easy consumption
  • 32oz bottle included for easy water measurements
  • Puriclean Instant MAX Delivery system, gives full cleansing strength the second it enters your system



    • The Best Tasting Detox Quick Flush Cleanser on the Market. Millions sold yearly!
    • MADE IN GMP FACILITIES AND LABORATORIES IN THE USA - All Puriclean products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility and laboratories.
    • Scientifically formulated to be up to 5X stronger and faster than other pre-mixed Liquids. Designed for High Toxin exposure and Any weight class
    • Includes 13 grams of pure cleansing power! Does not active until hits the water. 100% potency every time.
    • REACH PEAK DETOXIFICATION IN 1 HOUR - Fully cleanse the body of toxins in just one hour after 5 urinations to release toxins from the body.
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