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Prince of Peace® Ginger Honey Crystals with Turmeric brings you all the natural benefits of ginger, and honey blended with the added health benefits of turmeric. Turmeric has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian recipes for centuries. Our proprietary blend of premium ingredients creates a bold and spicy drink that is convenient to make and is caffeine-free.

Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals w/ Turmeric, 25 pack

  • Cane Sugar, Ginger Extract, Turmeric Extract, Honey.

  • To serve as a hot beverage, add 8-12 oz. of hot water per sachet and stir well. Adjust the amount of water according to taste.

    To serve as an iced beverage, add 4 oz. of hot water per sachet and stir well. Add additional ice cubes and/or cold water to taste.

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