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Pennyroyal, also referred to as European pennyroyal to distinguish the herb from false pennyroyal, is a member of the mint family native to most of Europe and Asia. Although its common name stems from a corruption of Pulioll-royall, the name given to the plant by medieval herbalists, pennyroyal is also known as Run-by-the-Ground and Lurk-in-the-Ditch, likely in reference to its invasiveness. The nickname Pudding Grass evolved from its old-time use as a stuffing ingredient in a type of sausage known as “hogs pudding.” Due to the toxicity of a compound called pulegone, internal use of pennyroyal is no longer advisable. The dried herb is, however, an excellent deterrent to fleas and other pests.

Pennyroyal c/s, 1/4 lb

  • Pennyroyal, also called mosquito plant, pudding grass and squaw mint, is a member of the mint family once used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to flavor wine and pudding.

    Early American colonists used the dried herb to discourage fleas and other pests, a purpose for which the herb is largely limited to today due to the presence of toxic compounds in the plant.

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