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Organic Yellow Corn Polenta cook quickly and make a rich and delicious porridge for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This freshly milled organic corn meal is also the indispensable ingredient for classic Italian polenta.


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Organic Yellow Corn Grits/ Polenta

  • Our Yellow Corn Polenta is made from the highest quality yellow corn. It’s ground the traditional way, from dried corn, and ready to use in countless recipes. Many gourmet Italian and Mediterranean restaurants feature our polenta, and you can make the same spectacular dishes at home. Try a savory goat cheese polenta topped with sun-dried tomatoes!

    These incredibly delicious ground corn kernels also makes a delightfully creamy ground hot cereal served with milk and honey or brown sugar. Top with fresh or dried fruit, nuts and spices.

    In addition to our regular, organic and gluten free polenta, we also carry a wide variety of stone-ground cornmeal. Browse our selection of coarsely, medium and finely ground corn meal—we have conventional as well as organic and gluten free cornmeal options to choose from.
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