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What is Licorice?

Licorice is an herbaceous perennial plant that is native to several areas of the world, including southern Russia, the Mediterranean, parts of Asia and southern areas of Europe. The part of the licorice plant that is utilized as a flavoring agent and as a traditional remedy is the Licorice Root. Licorice contains specific chemical constituents that give it the sweet distinctive flavor


What is Licorice used for?

Licorice root is incredible for detoxifying the body — it can remove over twelve hundred toxins. There are many properties to this herb that make it special, but the main reason it is used is because of its ability to harmonize with other herbs.


Traditional Health Benefits of Licorice?

The root is included in many Chinese herbal formulas because of its ability to enhance the effects of the other herbs while also reducing negative side effects. It is one of the most used Chinese herbs in every herbalist’s cabinet making it an indispensable one in many herbal formulas

Licorice Root Herb 1oz Low Alcohol

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