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Henna is a natural coloring agent obtained from the dried, powdered leaf of a small tree or shrub native to India, Egypt and Syria. Also known as Egyptian privet and mehndi, henna was widely employed by the ancient Egyptians, who not only used the leaf to produce a dye for hair, skin and nails but also the flowers and fruit to make infusions and salves. Since the late 19th century, henna has been popular in Europe and North America is a natural way to “shampoo in” warm reddish-brown color and highlights into the hair. Mixed with other dried herbs, shades that vary from blonde to chestnut brown and black are possible.

Henna Leaf (Black) Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Henna is a small tree native to tropical areas of Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. When introduced to an acidic liquid, dried and powdered henna leaf yields a stain that has been used as hair dye for more than 5,000 years.

    Unlike chemical dyes, henna coats the hair shaft with a protein called hennatannic acid. The result is subtle and semi-permanent color that fades in a few weeks.

Marble Surface


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