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Also known as Eye Balm, Jaundice Root and Ground Raspberry, goldenseal is a member of the buttercup family that is native to eastern North America. The golden-colored rhizome of the plant is a natural source of berberine and hydrastine, which are responsible for the bitter qualities of the herb as well as the yellow dye that can be extracted from the root. Goldenseal leaf is also harvested, which is primarily used to make teas and topical preparations. Both goldenseal leaf and root are taken in capsule form, or are used to make tinctures and extracts.

Goldenseal powder, 1/4 lb

  • Goldenseal herb powder may look and taste different than the powdered root, but it contains the same active alkaloids, namely berberine and hydrastine, just in lesser amounts. The aerial parts of the herb contain something else that the root doesn’t – flavonoids that acts as efflux pump inhibitors. These molecules interrupt the activity of transport proteins that reside on the surface of bacteria cells that contribute to antibiotic resistance. Enjoy this goldenseal powder tinctured, in tea blends, or in capsule form.

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