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Butterfly pea flower is a perennial, deciduous evergreen vine notable for its vibrant blue flowers. Although all aerial parts of the plant are edible and consumed in Asian cuisine, the dried flowers are most commonly made into an herbal tea known as anchan or blue tea and is enjoyed hot or cold. In Thailand, the flowers are combined with lemon juice and sugar to make a purple lemonade-type beverage called nam dok anchan. They are also used to add color to rice dishes and to cakes, particularly a traditional dessert called Khanom dok anchan.


Butterfly pea flower is also a popular addition to cocktails and mocktails, the color of which is modified by altering the acidity of the beverage with lemon or lime juice (for purple) or other botanicals, such as hibiscus (for dark red).

Butterfly Pea Flower whole, 1/4 lb


    Butterfly pea flower is so-named because it is a member of the pea family with notched tips on the flowers that give blooms the appearance of a butterfly in flight. However, ironically, the plant is generally ignored by butterflies, despite its bright blue color. While plants in the wild produce flowers that range from deep blue to lavender, some cultivars have white or pink flowers, a few with semi-double blooms.

    Like other vines, butterfly pea flower sends out trailing stems, but it’s not a prolific climber. The leaves, which yield a green dye, appear on stalks divided into lance-shaped leaflets. Mature plants reach up to 15 feet with a spread of up to 6 feet.

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