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Alder Buckthorn is a European shrub native to Asia and Europe that is now distributed throughout North America. It is also known as Black Dogwood because the wood was once used to produce fine charcoal. The wood was also popular with German gunpowder makers, who dubbed the small tree Pulverholz, which means Powder Wood. What is buckthorn bark used for? Buckthorn bark is used to make a natural yellow dye, which becomes inky black with the addition of iron as a mordant. Prior to use in teas or tisanes, buckthorn bark must be aged for one year. While buckthorn bark has a slightly bitter but not unpleasant taste, moderation is advised because it contains the phenolic compound emodin.

Buckthorn Bark c/s, 1/4 lb

  • Buckthorn bark is harvested from alder buckthorn, a small European tree now naturalized in North America.

    Because the bark contains high levels of phenolic compounds it must be dried for a year before use, although ingestion of buckthorn tea or tincture can be toxic in large amounts. However, the bark can be used to make a yellow dye for paper, yarn and other textiles.

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