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Blessed thistle is in the aster family that is native to the Mediterranean. The herb was cultivated in Medieval monastery gardens after King Charlemagne was visited by an angel. According to the legend, the king was instructed to fire an arrow into the air and whichever plant it came to rest upon was the one he should give to his soldiers who had the misfortune of contracting the plague. Whether or not the king took aim at the stand of thistle where the arrow landed is not known, but this is why the plant become “blessed.” The blessed thistle herb is traditionally prepared in tea, tonics, and tinctures. Though blessed thistle tea is common, blessed thistle herb has also become a popular flavoring herb for aperitifs and bitters.

Blessed Thistle powder, 1/4 lb

  • Blessed thistle also known as holy thistle and Saint Benedict thistle, this Mediterranean native once provided hope for victims of the bubonic plague and served as a rejuvenating tonic for Benedictine monks. Reputedly, one monk, Don Bernardo Vincelli, created a stimulating concoction that included more than two dozen herbs, blessed thistle among them. Today, blessed thistle still lends its flavor to Benedictine liquor (although the complete recipe is a closely guarded secret). The herb is also enjoyed in digestive tea blends and herbal bitters.

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