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Naturally Freshens BreathCleanses Teeth and GumsCondition: Need for a natural, healthy rinse to keep breath fresh and promote oral hygiene.Solution: NOW® XyliWhite™ Mouthwash is an effective fluoride-free oral rinse that works in unique ways to help you achieve a smile that’s healthier and brighter than ever before! XyliWhite™ Mouthwash gets its cleansing properties from xylitol - a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that has been shown in clinical studies to help promote oral hygiene, effectively rinsing debris, such as food particles, from mouth surfaces. By helping to maintain the mouth’s normal balance, Xylitol also helps to keep the enamel surface of teeth clean and fresh. Xylitol is harmful to pets; seek veterinary care immediately if ingestion is suspected.

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XyliWhite™ Refreshmint Mouthwash

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  • Xylitol (25%), Papain (whitening)

Marble Surface


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