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Uva Ursi is an evergreen shrubby plant found in the mountainous zones of North America and Europe that features compact, glossy green leaves and bright red stems. Because it is a favorite foraging plant for bears and foxes, it is more commonly known as bearberry and foxberry. Native Americans, who called the plant kinnikinnick, shared their extensive knowledge and experience in the use of this herb with early European settlers. In fact, the widespread use of bearberry in North America and Europe continued until the advent of sulfa antibiotics.

Uva Ursi Leaf Powder, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Uva Ursi is an evergreen perennial groundcover found throughout the higher elevations of Europe and Asia that is also known as pinemat manzanita and kinnikinnick. Because bears are fond of the fruit, the herb is one of many also referred to as bearberry.

    Due to the presence of a glycoside called arbutin, the powdered leaf is used to make infusions and extracts for topical use. Powdered Uva Ursi can also be encapsulated, but long-term use is not recommended due to a potential risk of liver toxicity.

Marble Surface


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