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Sea Moss Bladderwrack Living Bitters has remarkable health benefits and can be used as part of your daily diet to prevent and relieve auto-intoxication, constipation, and poor bowel movement.* Anti- bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Inflammatroy.  Sea Moss has 92 of 102 minerals that thebody is composed of.

Super Sea Moss Bitter, Herbal Tonic- 16 oz.

  • Bitter ground, cinnamon, curry leaves, amla, fenugreek, garlic bark, acai, cerase, chickory, cayenne pepper, flax seed, garlic, golden bey, coriander, oregano, maca. sea moss, bladderwrack, aloe vera, mango
    leaves, black seeds, fennel seeds, ginger, celery, honey

Marble Surface


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