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Saponaria officinalis is one of 20 species of soapwort and a perennial member of the pink family, which make it a cousin to the carnation. This European species is also known by many common names, including bruise wort, sweet Betty, wild sweet William, bouncing bet, Fuller’s herb and latherwort. As many of these alternate names suggest, the plant has something to do with making soap. The woody root contains a high degree of mucilage and saponins, the latter of which produces suds when introduced to water. Powdered soapwort root is a convenient form of the herb with which to make natural bath and laundry products without having to work with raw plant material.

Soapwort Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Soapwort is a member of the carnation family of flowering plants. As the name suggests, the plant yields soap-like properties due to a high concentration of saponins found in the roots.

    Mixed with water or herb infusions, powdered soapwort root will produce gentle suds, making it useful in preparing bath products.

Marble Surface


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