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Sheep’s sorrel, also known as field sorrel and sour weed, is a weedy perennial plant that inhabits pastures and meadows, often to the point of invasiveness. It is distinguished from other sorrels, like garden sorrel or French sorrel, from its smaller size and reddish tint the foliage takes on in late summer. The herb has a long history of use in Europe as a vegetable and salad green. The lemony, tart flavor of the leaf is enjoyed in tea blends and as a seasoning in soups, stews and other cooked foods. Sheep’s sorrel is also a traditional curdling agent that is still used by artisan cheese makers.

Sheep's Sorrel Herb Powder, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Sheep’s sorrel is a spreading, invasive pasture plant that favors locations where blueberries grow.

    Powdered sheep's sorrel can be used to make tinctures and other botanical preparations, but is usually encapsulated as a dietary supplement. The herb is considered nutrient dense because it contains high levels of every vitamin between A and U, as well as minerals and a significant amount of quercitin and beta carotene.

Marble Surface


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