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Saw palmetto, also known as cabbage palm, is a shrubby, dwarf species of palm tree that is primarily distributed throughout sandy, coastal regions of the southeastern U.S. Although it is extremely hardy and slow-growing, it also has the distinction of being the most common and smallest palm tree in the U.S. It is not, however, short on longevity. In fact, some specimens that are still soaking up the sun in Florida were seedlings well over 500 years ago. Saw palmetto berries were widely used as food by Native Americans and are still harvested today, although we now know the fruits are a good source of fatty acids, flavonoids and plant sterols.

Saw Palmetto Berry Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Saw palmetto is a small, shrub-like tree found throughout the Atlantic and Gulf coastal regions of the U.S., especially in the state of Florida. The fruit, which is actually a drupe but more commonly referred to as a berry, is rich in fatty acids and plant sterols, including beta-sitosterol.

    Powdered saw palmetto berry can be added to foods and smoothies, but is more commonly encapsulated as a dietary supplement.

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