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Zero 2 Sixty is as pure a form of oxygen available on the market today, and you can only find it at OxyLife. Our unique, powerful formula can provide you the pure oxygen your body needs to help metabolize toxins and maintain the body’s normal functions. Scientists know that oxygen destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi, increases energy, detoxifies the body, and helps prevent chronic yeast infections and the pain associated with Fibromyalgia. Don’t settle for the inferior, tainted oxygen supplies filled with pollutants that are all around us; insist on pure oxygen.


According to the US National Institutes of Health, Oxygen provides these health benefits:

  • Fuel to burn glucose (sugar) to produce energy for muscle activity
  • Fuel to burn glucose to produce energy for thinking
  • Spurs metabolism, so you can exercise… and lose weight


Additional health benefits being studied:

For decades, scientists and physicians have known the basic health benefits of oxygen — foundational to breathing — yet additional benefits are constantly under study. Researchers worldwide are examining its oxidizing (burning) properties as it destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, and detoxifies the body… and aids with Chronic Candidiasis, Fibromyalgia, and metabolizing energy.

  • As reported in The Encyclopedia of the Chemical Elements, 1968, by G.A. Cook (Reinhold Corp., NY).

Oxygen with Colloidal Silver (16 oz)

  • Serving Size: 1 oz

    Servings Per Container: 16

Marble Surface


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