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Sage has a long history of use as a culinary herb, though it's also been used for other purposes. Although it is native to the Mediterranean region, today it is cultivated worldwide. Historically, Sage Leaf Tea was used to ward off evil, and was often associated with wisdom. A person who was thought wise and knowledgeable was often called a "sage." Sage is one of the most frequently used herbs in western cuisine, often added to meat and stuffing for its savory flavor. This herb is commonly found in gardens, and due to its unique scent and flavor, is often enjoyed as a tea.


A Tea Drinker's Wisdom

Drinking a fresh cup of Sage Leaf Tea can certainly be called a wise move, not only because it offers an enjoyable tea experience, but also because of the numerous essential nutrients it has to offer. Sage Leaf Tea is a convenient natural source of several vitamins, including vitamins A, C, E, and K. Its mineral content offers calcium, boron, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Sage’s many constituents include saponins, flavonoids, and other antioxidant constituents. Sage even offers constituents well-known to other plants, like the betulin found in chaga, and catechins common to green tea. Sample a taste of Sage Lea Tea for yourself, and discover what makes this tea so spectacular.


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Sage tea is a brew that is best enjoyed regularly. Drink it hot or chill it into iced tea to enjoy during a hot day. Mix it with other herbal teas like lavender tea. Herbal teas make an excellent gift for your friends and family.

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