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Everyone needs a little mental pick me up from time to time. Buddha Teas Damiana Leaf provides that while also providing a relaxing state. Just one cup can brighten your day.


What is Damiana Leaf?

Damiana, scientifically known as Turnera diffusa, is a small shrub growing abundantly southward from the warm regions of Mexico, throughout Central and South America. Damiana can be recognized because of the bright yellow flowers that blossom in the flowering season, which bear a surprisingly strong aroma for being so small. Historically, damiana was used by various natives of Central and South America to create fragrant incense and herbal teas. The rest of the world was acquainted with this herb by Spanish missionaries, who observed the natives using the plant and brought it back with them. Today, it is still used by the descendants of those original tribes and is becoming a more prevalent herbal tea around the world.


What Is Damiana Leaf Most Frequently Used For?

Damiana Leaf has been used for ages to increase mental energy and stamina. But we bet you didn't know that Damiana Leaf is an ancient aphrodisiac. Mood enhancing supplements are available everywhere you turn but how do you trust what they are? You simply can't. Damiana Leaf has so many uses in today's world including being very beneficial for mental well-being. Just think, having a cup of this tea can drastically brighten up your day.


Interesting Notes About Damiana Leaf Tea

Just because Damiana Leaf Tea is known to both increase energy as well as act as a calming tonic, don't be confused; there are other plants out there that can boast the same. This good news assures you that drinking Damiana Leaf Tea throughout the day promises to provide you with whatever you need in the moment.


What Does Damiana Leaf Tea Taste Like?

We love Damiana Leaf Tea. It has a slight bitter taste but it's one of those teas that pairs so well with others. For example, we love including our Ginger Root Tea when brewing a slew of other beneficial teas that may need a flavor boost. Passion Flower Tea, is another excellent choice here, as is Chamomile Flower Tea.

Organic Damiana Leaf Tea

    • Source of B and C vitamins
    • Contains Manganese, Zinc & Other Minerals
    • Energizing
    • Bleach-Free Tea Bags
    • Non GMO
    • No Preservatives
    • No Artificial or Natural Flavors
    • No Artificial Sweeteners
Marble Surface


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