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Oatstraw is a term that collectively represents the stems, flowers and seeds of Avena sativa, the common oat plant and the same grain most people are familiar with as a hot breakfast cereal. Because the “straw” is harvested while the grain is still immature, oatstraw is sometimes referred to as milky oats. Oatstraw has a lot going for it in terms of nutritional value. A mere cup of oatstraw infusion (strong tea) is an abundant source of protein, silica, B vitamins and a whopping 300 milligrams of calcium. The herb is also tinctured. Powdered oatstraw is used to make various skin care preparations to ease dry, itchy skin. It is also added to herbal bath bags or even directly into the bath water.

Oatstraw Powder, 1/4 lb

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  • Oatstraw, also known as avena, is a byproduct of harvesting oats. Specifically, it is the green grass-like top of the plant referred to as being in the “milky stage” before the grain has fully ripened. For this reason, oat straw is often called milky oats.

    Powdered oat straw is rich in vitamins and nutrients and may be added to smoothies and other foods. Ground oatstraw is also a traditional bath herb used to soften skin and relief itching from sunburn and other minor irritations.

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