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Mustard is a plant in the cabbage family that is native to Europe and the Mediterranean region. Like other species in the Brassica family, mustard is harvested for its zesty-tasting leaves that are cooked and eaten as a vegetable in summer. Mustard is also grown and harvested for its seeds, which range in color and flavor sharpness depending on variety. Like peppercorns, mustard seed has a long history of use globally and remains one of the most widely traded spices in the world today. In addition to culinary use, mustard seed is used to make heat-producing poultices. Powdered mustard seed is also used as a laundry aid – it helps to break up protein-based stains, such as dried egg yolk.

Mustard Seed Yellow Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Most people are familiar with ground yellow mustard seed as an ingredient in deviled eggs and classic potato salad. But powdered yellow mustard also makes a flavorful rub for baked or grilled chicken and fish. The powder can also be added to vegetables dressed with lemon juice or vinegar and olive oil.

    The flavor of yellow mustard seed is less pungent than brown mustard seed, and mixing the powdered seed with hot water or an acidic liquid, like vinegar or lemon juice, inhibits the enzymatic process that produces “heat.”

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