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Lobelia is a member of the bluebell family of flowering plants found in North America and Europe. Not surprisingly, then, the low-growing plant produces cascades of vibrant deep purple-blue flowers. Lobelia has a long history of use by Native Americans, who gave the plant many nicknames like Asthma Weed and Indian Tobacco, indicating the herb was once smoked. Other less attractive but descriptive alternate names for this herb include Vomitwort and Pukeweed. The dried leaf and powdered herb of lobelia are typically used to make tinctures and syrups, as well as infusions for use in topical ointments and salves.

Lobelia Leaf Powder, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Lobelia is a summer annual in the bellflower family grown as a garden border and edging plant due to its deep green foliage and remarkably vibrant dark purple flowers. Regrettably, however, despite the lure of its beauty, lobelia is considered a symbol of malice in the Victorian language of flowers.

    Still, the powdered herb makes a fine salve, ointment, poultice or chest rub. The preferred methods of preparation include infusion and tincturing using vinegar instead of alcohol as the macerate.

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