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Common ladies mantle is a member of the rose family distributed throughout Europe, Asia, North America and elsewhere in cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Also known as Bear’s Foot, and Pied-de-lion, the scientific name and reputation of this clumping perennial is based on the pleated leaves resemblance to the mantle, or cloak, worn by a lady of the Renaissance. The plant was of great interest to the medieval because its cup-like leaves capture the morning dew, which was thought to possess magical properties. Like other members of the rose family, the ladies mantle leaf and root contain tannins and salicylic acid and are used to produce teas, infusions and tonics.

Lady's (Ladies) Mantle, 1/4 lb

  • Lady's mantle is a perennial herb in the rose family native to North America, Europe, Greenland and Asia. Also known as Nine Hooks and Lion's Foot, this spreading plant is noted for its globe-shaped, light green leaves and its small, chartreuse flowers. The genus name for this plant, Alchemilla , is a modified form of Alkemelych, an Arab term that references the plants historical use in alchemy.

    Because the morning dew collected from the leaves is reputed to be the secret to a beautiful complexion, the herb is also known as dewcup. The dried leaf is primarily used in teas, although it can also be tinctured.

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