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Guarana is a tropical plant native to the Amazon basin that gets its name from the Tupi-Guarani natives of Brazil, who describe the herb as “the fruit for the eyes of the people.” The “fruit” referred to is the seed, which is housed is groups of one to three in a reddish, nut-like pod. In addition to volatile oils and tannic acids, the seed contains a compound that is chemically identical to caffeine called guaranine. Because guarana seed is used whole or powdered to create stimulating beverages, it is also known as Brazilian cocoa.

Guarana Seed Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Guarana seed is obtained from the red fruits of a tropical vine found in Brazil that is commonly referred to as Brazilian cocoa.

    The powdered seed, which contains high levels of caffeine, is encapsulated or added to baked goods and hot beverages, including brewed coffee.

    The high caffeine content of guarana seed may make this product unsuitable for certain individuals.

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