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Green teas bring fresh and vibrant flavors to your tea cup that are difficult to resist. These flavors vary greatly depending on where it’s grown and how it’s processed. The deeply grassy and marine notes in Japanese greens are very different from the slightly nutty, cooked vegetal flavors often found in Chinese green teas. There is a wide range of flavors to experience with every new green tea you try.

Green Tea Decaffeinated , 1/4 lb

  • From the Western Ghats mountains of Southern India, Nilgiri green tea is a fantastic and distinguished beverage. A single estate tea from the Burnside Estate, this green tea is Orange Pekoe (OP), a full-leaf version that is sorted by hand, which increases the overall quality of the leaves and the flavor of the cup. Decaffeinated using a chemical-free process, this amber infusion is mildly floral and abounding in natural sweetness.

Marble Surface


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