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The maze design might seem complicated to look at, but the functionality of this oil burner couldn’t be simpler. The touch lamp activation brings the oil burner into the modern era while taking the effort out of aromatherapy. You’ll admire the six different color choices and the fact that there isn’t an open flame involved.You can use oils or scented waxes.

Black Glass Maze Touch Oil Warmer/ Burner

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  • Fragrance and essential oils have been used for centuries to help assist the mind, body, and spirit connection inherent to all humans. The Glass Maze Touch Oil Burner is one of the most convenient oil burners on the market and the safest because it heats the oil via a small lightbulb. The touch lamp has to be plugged in, but the customer doesn’t have to look for a dimming switch. They simply touch the oil burner, and it turns on.

Marble Surface


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