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For hundreds of years, the Ginger root, or “rhizome” has been used to support health benefits* in countries around the world. One of the most common benefits of ginger is for Relief From Occasional Nausea*.


The rhizome, or underground root-like stem, has the characteristic spicy aroma of ginger. The dried rhizome of ginger contains approximately 1–4% volatile oils. These are the active constituents of ginger and are also responsible for ginger’s characteristic odor and taste. The aromatic constituents include zingiberene and bisabolene, while the pungent constituents are known as gingerols and shogaols.


Turmeric is another commonly used rhizome. In the Ancient Healing Arts of Chinese Medicine, ginger is considered a ‘warming herb,’* which would be useful for conditions that are considered ‘damp.’* 


Ginger is considered to have many benefits*, and has been used as ginger water, as well as in herbal extracts, tea and capsules, and can also be used as a topical applicant*.

Ginger Root Low Alcohol 1 Oz

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