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This Chinese botanical is harvested for its roots, which are cured in a black bean liquid. A perennial flowering vine, Fo-ti is cultivated and harvested for its concentration of anthraquinones and other active compounds. In China, the herb is commonly called he-shou-wu, a reference to the man of the same name who lived during the Tang dynasty period who reputedly lived a long life thanks to a tonic prepared from Fo-ti.

Fo-ti / Ho-shou-wu Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Fo Ti, also known as flowery knot wood and climbing knotweed, is an important herb in traditional Chinese medicine. The herb is prepared in a unique and proprietary process that involves curing the roots in black bean liquid.

    Powdered Fo Ti is usually encapsulated as a dietary supplement.

    Please note: Our Fo Ti has been processed. The root slices have been cured by simmering in a black bean liquid.

Marble Surface


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