Let The Tip Of Your Tongue Tell All… One Of Echinacea’s Distinguishing Characteristics Is The Presence Of Alkylamides, Which Are Partly Responsible For Its Capacity To Stimulate The Immune System.* You’ll Know That You’ve Discovered Truly High Quality And Effective Echinacea When You Feel Aslight Tingling On Your Tongue After Drinking The Tea. Don’t Worry—The Tingling Will Subside Quickly, But Echinacea’s Effects Won’t. With Two Species Of Echinacea And Echinacea Extract, For An Extra Punch, You’ll Be Feeling Good As New In No Time.


Echinacea—Or Purple Coneflower—Was Used By A Number Of Native American Tribes For Hundreds Of Years Before It Was Introduced Into Western Herbal Traditions In The Late 1800s. Today, It Is One Of The Most Studied Herbs. We Love How This Pleasant-Tasting Herbal Blend Supports A Healthy Immune System Response.*

Echinacea Plus ® Tea

  • Fires up the immune system.*

  • Mildly minty with a twist of citrus.


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*All water refills are $1 per gallon.  Any contents under 1 gallon will be charged up to the gallon. Alkaline water refills are handled in store only!!

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