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Cramp bark is a deciduous shrub native to Europe and naturalized in North America. The plant is known by many common names, the best known being Guelder Rose in honor of the Dutch city of Gueldersland where formal cultivation of the plant originated. Cramp bark is a national symbol of Ukraine, where the plant is called Kalyna and depicted in traditional folk art, most notably in embroidery. Historically, as the name suggests, the bark of this shrub is made into extracts and tinctures, while the dried berry is used to make dark dye and ink.

Cramp Bark c/s, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Cramp bark is a flowering shrub found throughout moist woodlands of North America, although it is also cultivated as a garden ornamental. This cousin to honeysuckle is known by several common names, including Guelder Rose, European Cranberry, Snowball Tree and Water Elder.

    The bark, which is stripped from the tree in fall or early spring, is prepared as tea or tincture.

Marble Surface


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