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Chicory, also called succory, is a perennial member of the daisy family easily recognized by its branched stems that support beautiful lavender-blue flowers that open and close at the same times each morning and night. Like its cousin the dandelion, chicory thrives in poor soil conditions where most other plants fail to grow. It also emerges from a long taproot, which is harvested and roasted for use as a coffee substitute.

Chicory Root Roasted, 1/4 lb

  • Chicory, also known as ragged sailors, blue dandelion and horseweed is a wayside herb and forage crop with vibrant blue flowers.

    The roasted root is used as an additive in stout beers and various specialty coffees in India, Africa and Asia. In the U.S., the roasted root is used as an alternative to coffee.

Marble Surface


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