Chaparral is an evergreen, low-growing, woody shrub found throughout southwestern North America, with specimens more than 11,000 years old still thriving in California’s Mojave Desert. The plant’s survival success is attributed to an ability to deter the growth of neighboring plants, thereby securing all of the available water from the soil. The herb contains an antioxidant compound called nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) that was once used as a food preservative. Reports of liver and kidney toxicity, however, now limit this herb to topical use.

Chaparral Powder, 1/4lb

  • Chaparral is a successful desert shrub because its roots pulls water away from competing flora, while a water-saving resin that coats the leaves protects the plant from UV radiation.

    The plant also contain estrogenic compounds, which is why this herb is generally limited to topical use. Powdered chaparral leaf is added to creams, salves and other skin care preparations.


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