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What is bloodroot herb? Bloodroot is a North American perennial, although it can thrive elsewhere if given organically rich soil. While the bloodroot herb is not generally considered a garden or landscaping plant, it does produce attractive white flowers in early spring. The plant is harvested for its thick taproot, which harbors an orange-reddish liquid. Native Americans used the underground parts of bloodroot to produce a dye for clothing, leather, and other textiles. The bloodroot herb is not used internally because, like its cousin, the poppy, it contains opium alkaloids.

Blood Root Powder, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Native Americans used powdered bloodroot to produce a reddish liquid used as war paint and to dye fabrics. It is still used today for this purpose by various artisans, most notably by traditional southeastern basket makers.

Marble Surface


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