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Black walnut is a hardwood tree native to eastern North America. While the nutmeats of its fruit are commonly added to salads and baked goods, the crushed hulls are used to make tinctures and infusions. The large, fragrant leaves of the tree are used in tea blends.

Black Walnut Hull c/s, Wild Crafted, 1/4 lb

  • Black walnut hulls contain a pigment called juglone, which is chemically similar to the pigment found in henna leaf. This chemical protects the tree from disease and competing plants, and lends its astringent, antimicrobial and anti-fungal qualities to various skin care preparations and cosmetics, such as natural hair dye and self-tanning tanning lotions. Black walnut hulls are also used to produce a natural brown dye for ink, wool and other textiles.

Marble Surface


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