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  • JOINT AND BONE HEALTH*: Maintains the strength and flexibility of connective tissue resulting in healthier bone and cartilage structure.


  • HEALTHY HAIR SKIN AND NAILS*: Helps your body build collagen and elastin for healthier hair, skin elasticity and firmer nails.


  • CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH*: Supports strong and flexible arteries, helps the body absorb iron and aids in red blood cell production.


  • SUPPORTS ENERGY & METABOLISM*: Assists in the production of ATP (the energy producing molecule) and works to improve metabolism.


  • SUPPLEMENTATION IS ESSENTIAL: As a trace mineral, Copper is critical to our health and wellbeing. While it's found in foods such as wholegrains, mushrooms and nuts, we only absorb 30-40% due to changes in commercial agricultural practices. The only way to obtain sufficient amounts of copper is to supplement appropriately.    


*There is an additional $1 added to the 8 oz size and an additional $2 added to the 16 oz bottle.  The additional is added due to shipping weight.

Bio-Active Copper Hydrosol - Twist Top

PriceFrom $15.99
    Marble Surface


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